The Bondscape Service has closed

The Bondscape service closed down on 31 October 2012. Barclays and Winterflood Securities did not taken this decision lightly, but determined that the platform’s relevance and value proposition to our clients no longer justified maintaining the platform.

When created in 2001, Bondscape filled a gap in the market when there were very few options available to the UK retail network. In 2012, with platforms such as ORB and Bloomberg offering access to broad liquidity in the sterling fixed income markets, as well as RSPs such as Proquote, the need for Bondscape had reduced dramatically and, as such, we felt the platform served its purpose and reached its natural end. Barclays remains committed to the Retail Bond market, as a leading underwriter of successful landmark retail bonds and as a dedicated market maker on the LSE’s Order Book for Retail Bonds since 2011.

Our sales teams can advise on alternative options available to you. Please contact your voice salesperson at Barclays or the BARX team on 44 20 7773 0232, or the Winterflood Fixed Income Team on 020 3100 0803 to discuss further.